Objectively speaking, Manchester United in the European Cup this season, the great hope of climbing, but Mourinho will not put all the eggs are in a basket, so playing the UEFA Cup semi-finals, the final at the same time , The Red Devils will also be in order to enter the top four and strive to fight hard. Return to the Champions League is Manchester United in the final goal of the season, Mourinho will be for this and "double insurance." At present, Manchester United in the Premiership standings on the fifth Scott Harrington Jersey, they are in the case of a small game behind the city rivals Manchester City 4 points, in the case of two games less than the third Liverpool 6 points Bryan Trottier Jersey. Local time next Thursday Bobby Farnham Jersey, Manchester United will challenge Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. In the UEFA Cup Manchester United and Anderlecht in the game, Ibrahimovic injured in the game to leave, the 35-year-old Swede is likely to encounter the knee ligament at the same time before the tear seriously injured Mario Lemieux Jersey. This injury, let Ibrahimovic at least 9 months after the complete recovery. For Ibrahimovic's injury, before the media generally analyzed the Swede is likely to end their own career, and Manchester United will not choose and Ibrahimovic contract. The game, the Chelsea defense line of the absolute main, vice captain Cahill missed the disease, and in the offensive end, Conti also round off the two core Azar and Costa, William and Bashuyayi replaced The location of the two. This arrangement has also received a miraculous, rare starting William 5 minutes on the free kick directly break, the first half before the end of the game, he also took advantage of the penalty team second lead.