Liu Xianzhen despite the high number of balls, but it was able to avoid the other side at a critical time to play a fatal blow, Marlins only in the seventh inning half of the Oliver's spring gun made 1 point. Liu Xianzhen in the vote 6.2 after losing 1 points after the end, but he sent five hits and three promises also proved his whole game on track ice performance. Dodge in the second half of the second and have 2 points, but also locked the 7: 1 score, the smooth end of losing streak. Won the victory of Liu Xianzhen also raised his record to 4 wins and 2 defeats, defense rate also fell to 3 Mitch Moreland Jersey.40. The war in the face of Marlins, in the playoffs of the Reds naturally do not want to lose points in this weak car, opening the first game of the League of Nations leader Phillips in the autumn letter hit a hits after a hit Support the second base for the team to open the record Christian Vazquez Jersey. The next game will enter the autumn and down the performance time, in the fourth inning he blasted a spring gun for the team to expand the score to 2: 0. And Wotto in this Council later with a hitting hit for the red man and then 1 point Josh Rutledge Jersey. Sixth in the first half, or autumn and trust, his game of the second home run to help the team locked the score in the 4: 0. The face of the strength of the Boston Red Sox, the light of the genius left mole in today's starting in the unfavorable Bobby Doerr Jersey, the first game was opponents hit third of the gun into a crisis. But he stabilized after the next, and relying on one's own combat support to beat the opponent. Moore also won the seventh season of the season, his current score is terrible 7 wins and 0 losses. The Yankees are now greeted by their heavy artillery fieldman Grandsson. Grameen has been in the preseason injury since the beginning of the season has been in the wounded list, and today he finally returned to the team lineup. Although the face of the sailor hero Hernandez, Yankee more difficult step, but after the exit of Hernandez, Yankees set off a counterattack and eventually reversed the sailor to win.